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Q. Why are you doing this?
A. Number one curiousity. I'm a history/guitar/Martin/information junkie. This project lands right in the middle of all those interests.

Q. Where can I download the information?
A. Here

Q. Where do you get the information?
A. All over. Books such as the excellent Mike Longworth "Martin Guitars, A history", old store catalogs, web sites, EBay and most importantly from people who email me or leave messages on the Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum.

Q. What are your long term goals?
A. To greatly enhance the web site and continue to increase both the number of entries available here and the quality of information.

Q. Do you query dealers and sellers for serial number information? A. Only when I'm seriously interested in a particular instrument for possible purchase. Baring a major positive change in my financial situation this means it is very very unlikely I'll be asking about anything larger than an 00.

Q. What sort of information are you looking for?
A. Something along the lines of the following...

Serial number:
Model: (D-18,D-28,000-18,etc)
Contributor: You. :)
Source: (Where the guitar was "spotted". Ebay, an old catalog, a vendor, your collection)
Date: (Preferably the date of the source. In part I'm trying to track these instruments through time)

I understand some people won't want to be specific about what they own so anonymous would be an OK choice for source. Most likely you'll have submitted your information via email in this case so I'll put the source as EMail and the contributor as anonymous.

Duplicates are OK! Multiple sightings of the same instrument will help confirm if and when it existed. This will also help confirm the model or a particular serial number. Typos happen after all.

Any additional notes about the instrument would be great.

Q. How do I submit information?
A. You can email the following address...

martin-db at

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