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Latest Update: Nov 01 2009

Lets start with the disclaimer. This information is presented with no warranty of any kind. It could be and in some cases likely is bogus. I do my best to give the most accurate information possible but I'm human, the people who contribute are human and the world is an imperfect place. If you make a purchase based on information in the database and it turns out to be wrong, tough. If you fail to make a purchase because of information in the database that turns out to be wrong, tough. Etc.

Currently the data is available in these forms(Click on the text to the left of each description for the file.)...

Online Database:Browse the database by year and model
XLS: Microsoft Excel <=2007 format spreadsheet
CSV: Character Seperated Value spreadsheet
Web: Web page in spreadsheet format. Includes links to images
Long Form:"registry" format file (Only serial numbers with additioanl information)
Long Form(web):"registry" format file (Only serial numbers with additioanl information) in web page format
Extra Long Form:"registry" format file (All serial numbers)
Extra Long Form(web):"registry" format file (All serial numbers) in web page format

The first two files contain only the minimal information about each serial number. There may be multiple entries for each serial number. Sometimes this will be due to multiple sightings of the same instrument over time. In other cases it may be due to serial numbers being duplicated. This was apparently somewhat common in the early years of Martin stamping a serial number on the neck block of guitars.

The last file is a "registry" like format that includes only entries for serial numbers that have additional information. Here is an example...

============================== Serial #77913 ============================

Model: 00-17
Date: 04-15-2007
Source: Marshall
   Bought for $35 in 1961

============================== Serial #77919 ============================

Model: 000-28
Date: 01-01-2006
Source: Elderly Vintage & Used Instrument
Contributor: elephantfan85
   Catalog #239
   small repair in peghead by volute
   Replacement Top (Scalloped)
   Replacement Bridge
   Replacement Tuners
   Replacement Pickguard
   Replacement Nut
   Replacement Saddle
   Replacement Bridge Pins

============================== Serial #78016 ============================

Model: F-1-12
Date: 1941
Source: Longworth
Contributor: Mac Carter
   12 string

============================== Serial #78226 ============================

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