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See here and here for further info on the sessions that this track came from.

My only contribution to this song was the vocal and interpreting the lyrics from a really low quality recording that Mike had from a previous band he had been in.

This MP3 comes from a low bias cassette recording of a rough mix we did from the eight track quarter inch master tape. I used to have a high bias copy but it has long since vanished, along I'm sure with the original master. At some point it got digitized and cleaned up. All things considered it sounds fairly nice.


Michael J. Miller (Vocals)
Michael N. Blake (Guitar)
Neal A. Miller (Bass)
Bill Larimer (Keyboards, drum machine)

The song is copyright 2005 by Michael Newlyn Blake and a lyricist to be named later. You may download and listen to this song for your personal use only. If by some chance you want to do something else with it then please contact me via (songs @


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Take the water
Water flies
Good bye Michael
Save me god

Because the better
cannot be reached
at this time
I'll volunteer
I'll take my chances
Hoping this is not a crime

To Take the dive to save our lives
To Take the dive to save our lives
Oh, Make no windows close the door
Trash, lying scattered on the floor
And the water
Running higher
Flying there won't go away
And now the trail down
Seems to have changed
Its gone away

And when I die become a lie
And when I die become a lie

Now I stumble now I fall
Someone caught me
Made me crawl

Damn the world when it interferes
People believe just what they here
And it seems it never ends
Filling their electric friends
With the missing water and fire
Burning their souls they melt inside

And water
Makes a stronger friend then I