Some Things

This song was recorded around 1996. Mike Blake came up with the guitar track, probably played it once or twice before recording it on a cheap analog four track and then handed it to me. Sometimes I'll have words and then come up with a melody and chord progression. Most of the time though I do it this way, either coming up with the chord progression first, or working with somebody else who already has the basics down.

I remember listening to this and thinking that there was a lot of angst/longing in the music, but the final note suggested hope. The lyrics just kind of fell out from there. The sound quality on this one is mediocre, and the mix isn't that great. The vocals should likely be higher, but I always want to hide my voice.


Michael J. Miller (Vocals)
Michael Newlyn Blake (Guitar)

The song and lyrics are copyright 2005 by Michael James Miller Jr. and Michael Newlyn Blake All rights are reserved. You may download and listen to this song for your personal use only. If by some chance you want to do something else with it then please contact me via (songs @

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He was a high school loser
She was the home coming queen
Had nothing in common
Didn't play the same scene


Some things they seem so different
Some things they seem so strange
Sometimes you feel as though
You can never change

He was biding his time
She stoped by to say hi
He left her confused
He didn't seem to try

Repeat chorus

And now the years roll by
And they are far apart
Sometimes he thinks of her
As his haunted part

Sometimes you feel as though

you can never change

But you can