Small Place

This is a love song with a bit of an outlaw edge.

The song and lyrics are copyright 2005 by Michael James Miller Jr. All rights are reserved. You may download and listen to this song for your personal use only. If by some chance you want to do something else with it then please contact me via (songs @

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He's a cynic
He's a prophet
He's a fast driving mystic
And there's no trouble in a small place
That he hasn't found

She loves Elvis
She knows Judo
Got know roots in the ground
And there's no trouble in a small place
That she hasn't found

And they're dancing in a jungle of pool q's and beer
Thinking nothing
just behaving like theres noone else there.

Shooting bottles off an old fence
Finding patterns in the stars
Thinking home is a place
Where you know where you are

They can sit on a barstool
They can drive through the night
They can lay in the back seat
Dance their way through 'til light

Repeat chorus

It's tomorrow
It's a new day
And the morning feels harsh
It's the dawning of a new day
Not and end
Not a start

Repeat versus one and two, then chorus.