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See here for further info on the sessions that this track came from.

Apologies for the expletive before the begining. I could have removed it, but I like the little bit of brother interplay. I'm the one lamely trying to start the song, my younger brother Neil is the one who comments after I screw up.

This song was recorded at about 2AM. I was dead tired. I think we'd spent the earlier part of the evening working on overdubs for some of the other tracks we were working on. I don't think Mike Blake had been able to make it to the session.

I still have the cheapy Ibanez twelve string that I'm playing on this song. I believe the back and sides are laminated walnut while the top is some sort of laminated spruce. It was made around 1980 and I bought it used around 1986 at one of the Portland Oregon music stores.

This song has also been called "Thing in D" and "A word to the wise". The later title included some lyrics that I'd rather forget.

I love what Bill does on the keyboards here. Also check out Neils cool bass line.

I learned the chords used in this song from the Beatles "Dear Prudence". A note to any copyright police on that. The pattern and chord progression are nowhere near the same as "Dear Prudence".

This MP3 comes from a low bias cassette recording of a rough mix we did from the eight track quarter inch master tape. I used to have a high bias copy but it has long since vanished, along I'm sure with the original master. At some point this got digitized and cleaned up. All things considered it sounds fairly nice.


Michael J. Miller (Vocals)
Michael J. Miller (12 string guitar)
Neal A. Miller (Bass)
Bill Larimer (Keyboards)

The song is copyright 2005 by Michael James Miller Jr. You may download and listen to this song for your personal use only. If by some chance you want to do something else with it then please contact me via (songs @

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