This song dates back to the early 90's when my brother Neil and I got together with a guy I'd meet at Portland state university and by way of the Citadel BBS scene of the day named Mike Blake who wrote the music and the original lyrics to this song. I changed the lyrics around a bit and added some of my own. This track was done in a home studio in Portland. My brother Neil plays bass on this track with the keyboards and drum machine being provided by Bill Larimer, who had played keyboards professionally for a number of years before I met him at Portland Public Schools where we both worked at the time. Bill was way to good to be in the band, but he helped us out in the studio. Mike Blake played the guitar, I did the vocals.

The name of the guy who owned the studio has slipped my mind, but he and Bill were good friends.

This MP3 comes from a low bias cassette recording of a rough mix we did from the eight track quarter inch master tape. I used to have a high bias copy but it has long since vanished, along I'm sure with the original master. At some point it got digitized and cleaned up. All things considered it sounds fairly nice.

The song is kind of grungy rock and roll. Lots of youthful angst. I like the groove, but the high singing parts make me wince a bit.


Michael J. Miller (Vocals)
Neal A. Miller (Bass)
Michael Newlyn Blake (Guitar)
Bill Larimer (Keyboards & Drum Machine)

The song and lyrics are copyright 2005 by Michael James Miller Jr. and Michael Newlyn Blake All rights are reserved. You may download and listen to this song for your personal use only. If by some chance you want to do something else with it then please contact me via (songs @ turbolift.com).

Electric MP3

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Electric lights burning in my mind
Make me see again
Don't wanna
Don't wanna
Just wanna go
Back to the begining
Start a new life
Need to forget the suffering
Forget the pain and the strife

Oh the people run so fast
Like rats inside a filthy cage
Their minds alive
With fire
Why do you live this way?
Run down you society
Best not to go out at night
Hide from the reality

Electric death coursin' thru my veins
Sits beside my heart
Won't ever
Won't ever
Let in the pain
Take a look at whats been done
Look at whats become of me
But keep you silence to yourself
I know that you don't believe in me

Once I knew a girl
She was one in a million
I see her face
I feel her eyes
Won't get a second chance to bring her out of my heart and into my life

{Solo/bridge section}

Electric hell brings a differant piece in time
Burning out you feel good
But you barely make it back in time
Break away from the silly games that have become a part of you
Rejoin the world
Theres something here and beyond for you

And when its eating away at my mind
I try so very hard to scream
pain so intense no sound will come
I feel as though I'm in a dream
My mind alive
On fire
Why do I wander thru this maze
Trying so hard to avoid the suns burning rays