Mike's Song Demos

This is a list of demos for songs I've written and/or performed on. I'm not a great guitarist, I'm not much of a vocalist either. But I've been writing poetry and lyrics for a long time now and every once in awhile everything comes together into something that sounds like a song. I've got several back logged, and will be posting them over the next several months.

All songs are copyright 2005 by Michael J. Miller Jr. and all rights are reserved. You are granted permission to download and listen to these songs for your own personal use only. If by some chance you want to do anything else with them then please contact me at (songs @ turbolift.com)

Recent Songs

Dustbowl Days (Now he was just another migrant on the road)
Small Place (And there's no trouble in a small place that he hasn't found)

Old Songs

The Basement Tapes (Recorded in the early 1990's in Portland OR)

Electric (Electric lights burning in my mind)
Movie Theme(Instrumental)
Water(Because the better circumstances cannot be reached at this time)

Misc. Demos
Some Things (Some thing seem so different, some things seem so strange)
Taken By The Night (They were taken by the night)